Goodbye and hello New Year

It’s that time of the year where all good things are coming to an end. Well, what I mean is we’re waving good-bye to 2013 and welcoming 2014.

Sun travel

I spend a lot of time browsing and reading blogs (it comes with the job) and everyone seems to be summarising their year. The good the bad and the not so great. Bucket lists are being ticked off, achievements are being shared and plans for the coming year.

So what can I say?

This year has been a roller coaster year, I started off the year not knowing what I wanted, unhappy with where I was and not really getting anywhere. I realised I was working my life away with barely any time to socialise or be happy. I wanted a change, a break and something to look forward to. I guess that comes from within, and when you decide how to make a difference. I’m not talking about winning the lottery, I mean actually being happy.

So it began in August, one of my oldest friends (i’m talking infants) decided to book a trip to New York. With the same friend, we decided to hit Leeds Festival (our first time) only because Eminem was headlining. To top it off? I got offered a job for a company I really wanted to work for and had never felt better, when I got offered the position.

I learned a lot about myself, past experiences where I’ve not been able to get where I wanted, I decided never to give up and just keep going. You know when people give you that advice? Take it, because it actually works.

train station

So 2014? As scary as it sounds having this year travel so fast, i’m ready to start a bucket list. It is slightly scary to make a list sometimes, but to share it with everyone surely will keep me motivated to tick off as many things.

I want to travel the world, I mean actually go places- depending on budget I have the following on my list: Shanghai, Tokyo and another trip to America? Go on then.

I already mentioned being a regular gym goer, but I have become so comfortable with the classes, so I want to try circuit classes. Not an achievement you say, have you seen the pain people look like they are in whilst training.

I also want to go wing-walking, yes the one where you stand on a plane. Skydiving has already been accomplished I just need to be able to justify the £500+ it would cost.

The final obvious two things would be to invest in a digital camera and blog more.

What have you got on your bucket list?

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