Leeds Festival 2013

What’s an experience if it’s not shared? And before 2013 is over I wanted to have this post all ready to go.  One of my favourite rappers and musician has to be Eminem. I’ve listened to every album, always looked forward to his music and his acting in 8 Mile was impressive.


After he announced he was headlining Leeds Festival earlier this year, I was super excited.  It’s always been on my lists of things to do- to watch him perform. He is notorious to not touring so I knew this was my one shot my one opportunity (sorry I had to).

I asked one of my best friends if she would go along with me and the only thing left to do was purchase tickets. It was left to the last minute because of work schedules, my friend had to arrange cover at short notice. I spent a whole day on the phone, at box offices trying to buy tickets. Eventually I bought some online as I only wanted a day ticket.

The only thing left to do was head down to Leeds, it was my first time going to an actual festival. The idea of camping, music and mud has never appealed to me- but for Em’ I was willing to make that sacrifice. Getting on the muddy bus and arriving at the venue was nerve wracking, i’m one of those people who has to triple check everything and then again. Going down the hill was an absolute nightmare, it rained so badly the night before and well the mud was like a massive swimming pool- a few people overtook us.

Muddy feet 




We were there for about 11:30 am which meant spending more than a few hours listening to bands I had never heard of.

The first “stage” we went to was the BBC 1Xtra one, I have no idea who they are but they had a few people raving- as the youth would put it.

One band who I actually thought were great were Twin Atlantic, everyone else seemed to know their words to ‘Free’ whereas I was like this song is amazing. I’ve since added them to my playlist.

Oh and why has no one ever mentioned “festival shots” to me? I was ducking and diving for about 5 hours. I even saw one guy throw pieces of chicken wings- did I mention this was my first proper festival.


I was however, looking forward to Chase & Status – having supported them from the early days you know before they became mainstream and always enjoy seeing them live. Never fail to disappoint they played songs from their new and old albums and End Credits is an absolute favourite of mine.

The highlight of the event, it was time – the curtains dropped and Eminem began rapping to ‘Survival’ I felt like the only one who knew it- but it didn’t stop me from shouting it as loud as possible.

Honestly, he is the best person I have seen perform live, the videos aren’t great quality and he moves around so damn quick.

Leeds Festival

Getting home? well that took forever- 3 hours to be exact. They wouldn’t let anyone out or in to the venue so yes I get home covered in mud but he was worth it. I will be uploading more videos on my YouTube Channel so keep an eye out.

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