When things don’t go to plan

I am a commuter- I begin my day with the regular commuters, coffee in one hand and Metro in the other. I see dark skies in the morning and when I get home- that’s life.

I passed my driving test just over four years ago but only bought a car last year- to be honest I never needed one and couldn’t justify the additional cost. Well, to be honest I still can’t. Anyway, why travel on public transport I hear you ask? Well it’s quicker, I have driven my car when I was at my old job, it took a lot longer- I would get home 1-2 hours later than usual which seems a bit silly. Anyone who travels on the motorway will understand the road rage, delays and rush hour is no fun. At least on the train, I know my day has ended and I can switch off.

I needed my car for work- so hit the motorway and right when I nearly entered the city my clutch died and I broke down- so did my car.

break down

It involved me having to sit on the side out of the way for an hour and wait for my rescue. I spent more time traveling that day then actually at work.

break down 2

I wanted to hit my car and get angry, but instead took a few deep breathes and thought it could have been worse & one day I’ll laugh. Ok maybe not laugh but it’s something else I get to write about.

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