Street Art

So the saying goes “Art has no explanation” and one of my favourite things has to be street art. There’s nothing better than someone doing something they are really passionate about. Sometimes all I see in the city centre is people pursuing their passion and sharing it with everyone on a busy Saturday. I have compiled a few videos and pictures of what I have seen so far.

This was a random day in the city centre, it actually made my day, if I have learned anything on my travels its- always have your camera at the ready. From rap to acoustic music, I absolutely love both rap and acoustic music. I listen to live lounge daily, mainly because people have covered a bad pop song and made it amazing.¬† I don’t know his full name, I only remember him as Adam, but don’t you think he is just so talented?

Ok, this may not be street art, and someone probably trying to raise awareness about bees but pretty cool and freaky right?





dog illusionist

Anyway, have you seen anything cool along your travels?

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