The day I decided to jump 15,000 ft

So one of my childhood dreams was to jump out of an aeroplane, crazy? Yes that’s me. Everyone knew I wanted to do it but never actually believed I would go through with it so in 2011 I booked my 15,000 ft tandem jump as a birthday present to myself. The way I justified it was I hardly ever celebrated my birthday so what a way to end on a high note (get it?).

It was originally booked for my birthday in May but because of the typical British weather I had to delay my jump till the end of the month. The frustrating thing was that I really had my heart set on it for my actual birthday. But having said that I still couldn’t wait to finally skydive.

So my good friend ‘G’ and I drove down to Scunthorpe, where all we could see was a massive field with a large group of people and not to mention more rain.  What was the point in re-scheduling for three weeks when I was left with the uncertainty of not knowing if I would be able to jump. Anyway, we reached our destination at 11;30 am and I was called up for my training at 5:00 pm I know right?

We marched in a line of 10, ok so I wouldn’t exactly call it marching but two instructors explained to us the dangers of jumping 15,000 ft and the possibility we could die.  One of the jumpers asked if anyone of the instructors were going through a divorce just in case they didn’t want to pull the parachute I suppose it’s better to be safe than sorry.

At 5:30pm I heard a guy stood with the microphone, he was a worker but I have no idea what his official title was, all I know is that I kept asking “is it my turn yet, am I next?” like a child.

He said: “Right, it’s your turn you’ll be happy to know.” Damn right I was happy but also extremely nervous, my heart was pounding I was actually going to do it.

sky view1

My friend waved good-bye to me as though she would never see me again and shouted “good luck, what colour is your parachute?”

I had a pre-video recorded by my very own camera man, he was jumping out with me and my instructor. We all caught the bus to the other side of the field where our plane was waiting. Everyone jamp on, and we hoped for the best.

After 10 minutes that was it, I asked my instructor Dave am I strapped on is everything ok am I safe?  He hooked me on to his two hooks, and all I could think is that this is what’s keeping me safe.

We all squashed on inside the aeroplane not to mention the additional 10 people who were jumping out for a group tandem. They worked at Hibaldstow Skydive Centre. It was funny to look at everyone’s facial expression heads shaking and then the camera was pointing towards me.

Dave kept showing me how high we were, when we were up 5,000 ft I thought we were high enough. My stomach felt weird and I have to admit I felt sick and wasn’t sure what possessed me to go ahead with this. Then came 10,000, 12,000 oh and then we finally reached 15,000 ft.


Wow, the door opened I could see a the blue sky scattered with clouds this was it, there were 4 of us all attached with instructors, the first person jamp (I forgot to mention I was last), then the second and so on. All I could see was trainers in the air and loud screams. My camera man walked on the side of the aeroplane and then my instructor moved closer to the door, I looked down and all I could see were clouds.

diving 1


Thumbs were up on both sides, it’s not like I could say I was no longer ready, I mean how do you prepare for something like this?


One final push and that was it, I was in the air 15,000 ft high and travelling 120 mph, wow what an amazing feeling when you having nothing to hold onto. I found it really difficult to breathe and thought I was going to die. But I safely landed, I was so proud of myself. I can look back and say I have been skydiving.

sky land1

Have you ever been, what was your experience?

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