My trip to New York

You may have noticed a few pictures from New York lurking around my site, but I wanted to write about this properly. Let me set the scene for you, on a hot summers day in July one of my closest friends and I decided to book a trip to New York. This is something we have both wanted to do from a young age and having been friends since infants I was looking forward to it. With everything booked, we had to wait a month and a half to go ( in that time I was offered a job at another company and handed in my notice.)


We flew from Manchester Airport to Germany, I realised on the aeroplane we were going further away to get to New York how bizarre. Anyway, we only spent 2 hours there and were off again. When we finally arrived at the airport- remember that scene in Home Alone 2- yes that was me. I was so happy, hungry and tired but could not wait. Below are my first few snaps of New York.


We were staying in Times Square so luckily had a lot to see on the first night. We managed to see the Empire State building, it was around 6pm when the sun was nearly ready to set. I don’t think pictures can do this view any justice we reached the top floor and were amazed.

Empire                      Empire State building

Empire State


Next up- food, we hadn’t eaten or slept but I really wanted to go to the revolving restaurant also known as ‘The View’. We were welcomed by the staff and handed a menu, if it was up to me I would just be having desserts as I couldn’t have most things on the menu. We had to have the 3 course meal, I chose Ravioli. We were also placed next to the window and all I can say is the view is amazing, you can see the Empire State building and all the city lights. The bill came to around $80, I would say it was worth it for the window view.











The next morning we bought tickets to see the Rockefeller building, again the top floor was amazing. We sat down and just embraced how peaceful and great the view was.

Top of the roc


We bought tickets for a tour bus, honestly it’s worth paying for it as it’s a hop on hop off whenever you want. New York is a very busy city and one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get around. We went down to Staten Island on the Ferry Ride ( it’s free) and manged to get a few clicks of The Statue of Liberty.

IMG_5874 IMG_5897

Central Park was the next destination on our list, we had a map, but we knew where we were going, Uptown Downtown Midtown, well something like that anyway. When we arrived at Central Park we walked around the park, it’s such a huge place. That wasn’t it, we had to get back to Times Square in time for the night tour. I had just enough time to grab a peanut butter and chocolate ice-cream, yes it had calories in it- no I don’t care.  Again, some snaps to keep you entertained.

Empire S B










When we finished from Central Park we planned to take a New York night city tour. It begins at 7-8pm and lasts just over an hour. We were able to see the skyline and Brooklyn Bridge.

 TM No filter  IMG_6035

The next day we went shopping, I found a new home at the M&M shop and Hershey’s, I bought too many things that I couldn’t fit it into my suitcase. My friend however, thought it through she had a huge suitcase. I’ve never been a massive shopper, but New York changed me. Last minute my friend suggested we go and see a show on Broadway. They cost $200 but if you queue up on the day you can get them at discount price, we managed to get some for $80. We chose to see Chicago, I wasn’t able to take any pictures during the show as it’s illegal- but it was brilliant. Opposite the show there was a nice looking Italian restaurant- it had pictures of famous people all around the restaurant, that’s enough to say it should be good. To be honest the food wasn’t great but it was pasta which I live on so I can’t really complain. 


The next morning was our last day *sigh*, our flight was 7pm but that didn’t leave us with much time. We pretty much only had the afternoon and that was it. So, we walked around Times Square ate Pizza and drank Orange Soda- American style. The last few hours we walked around Times Square, had some more peanut butter ice-cream and then waited for our taxi to go to the airport.  What can I say? New York was absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to everyone. I plan to visit again one day, this post is just a snapshot of my experience but I hope you enjoyed it.

NYC                 clouds in NYC


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