Tunisia- sunset at the Sahara Desert and beach paragliding

Here’s another throwback, well I thought there’s no point not sharing my time in Tunisia – even if it was a while ago. Anyway, to begin I was still at university and had so many assignments to hand in. I was born during exam period so I’ve never really celebrated my birthday. But that year I really wanted to do something and my friend and I decided to book a trip to Tunisia. I can’t believe it’s only an 1 hour or so away. We handed all our assignments a week early, the deadlines were all on my birthday- lucky me right?

I’m not going to bore you with the glory details of the coach ride to the airport and then a 4 hour wait for the flight. So after all that excitement, we landed in Monastir and were dropped off at our hotel. It was 28 degrees when we arrived and we absolutely loved it.

S tour Man

The first day, we weren’t sure what to do so just walked around the beach, and went on a boat ride. It was so calming and relaxing I didn’t want to leave. Anyway with another 6 days to go we had a meeting booked in with the travel guide. He talked us through all the activities we could do – so we planned  something for everyday.

We managed to go on a shopping trip and tour around Sousse, to be honest we got bored after a bit and then just walked off after the main tour. We had lunch at a restaurant, I wasn’t too keen on the food in Tunisia. I lost a lot of weight during my week there- not to worry it all piled back on.

Moving on- as we were walking along the beach we were asked if we wanted to go Beach Paragliding, my eyes lit up. It looked like so much fun, so of we went. It only cost £15 each, which I didn’t think was too bad. If that wasn’t enough we went on the speed boat and nearly fell out at one point- the driver was the only person who found it funny.

Paragliding tb

The ultimate highlight has to be booking the weekend to the Sahara Desert. We were booked on for a coach (hotel pick-up) for 6:20 am and set off for our adventure. Ok maybe there were a few other hotel pick ups but then we were off. We stopped off at a few site seeing destinations, below are a few snaps.

Tunisia Tunisia pic

When we arrived at the desert we stopped off at someone’s house (they are a family who let tourists enter- obviously they expect tips). We managed to see where Star Wars was filmed. Then when it was nearly sunset, we dressed up as though we were actually staying there. Anyway, everyone sat on a camel- mine was a baby one and we were taken all over the desert. It is one of the most peaceful things I have experienced, sat on a camel and watching the sunset.

Sahara Sahara Desert Img0362camels

The next morning (4 am on my birthday) we got back on the coach and set off for Salt Lake. It was extremely windy but still amazing. The next day we ended up going to the zoo and watching the ‘African Dream’ it was such a lively atmosphere, again I wasn’t too keen on the food. To sum this holiday up, I managed to do so many things and enjoy a week away.

Salt lake Salt lake 1 Mirage T

Have you ever been to Tunisia, what was your highlight?

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