London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

So I was fortunate enough to be a ticket holder for the opening ceremony rehearsals at the Olympic Park in London. Having wanted to watch a ceremony like this all my life and having a keen interest in sport it was a dream come true. I was an official Games Maker and apart from the excitement of taking part in the Olympic history, one of the things I was worried about was missing out on the events. What better way to celebrate then watching the opening ceremony before the official opening.

How my day began:

Having closed my fast hours earlier, I was awake and ready to catch the mega bus from Meadowhall, yes mega bus the one which takes 3-4+ to reach London, hey it was a lot cheaper then buying a train ticket. When I arrived at the coach station there was a half an hour delay “It’s the Olympic Games, they’ve disrupted London and this could take forever.” Of course the coach then arrived 10 minutes later and we were off on route to London, destination Olympic Park to watch the opening ceremony rehearsals.

The journey:

It was amazing to enter London (not everyone’s cup of tea) and see all the posters with the run up to the Olympics. ‘Inspire a generation’ was the legacy which LOCOG wanted to leave behind. I could hear passengers conversations about the ceremony, (mainly 4 teenagers  who were so enthusiastic about it). The feeling was mutual, I could not believe where I was going and was trying to think about what I could expect.

I then caught two tubes (not my favourite thing about London) hey i’m from Yorkshire and can’t really adapt to southern ways, I love walking not fighting for public transport. It was boiling on the tube and all I could think was I need to get off and want a drink of water, ofcourse I was fasting so I had another 7 hours to go no point crying over it.

Olympic Park


When I arrived at the Olympic Park in Stratford I was overwhelmed with the crowded atmosphere, there were Games Makers running around, Londoners rushing around. It was again boiling, I found myself thirsty, hungry and walking around for hours. I had another three hours before I could enter the Olympic Park venue, so what’s a girl to do in London? Shop, well I had a more modest approach I did not go mad.

IMG_9457        IMG_9459

I sat down and watched everyone walking around, it was such a welcoming place to be, just in that moment looking up and you can see a Usain Bolt poster. Well this inspired me to buy new running bottoms for my new running club (hey a girl can make progress right?).

Opening ceremony:

It was 5 pm and I held my ticket tight, this is it ready to cue up and watch what could be one of the best days of my life. As there were blocks of us trying to form an orderly cue, well we eventually got in and had to go past security who were not G4S but the Army Cadets.

IMG_9451 IMG_9452 IMG_9455 IMG_9456

After making it through there was a short walk to the Olympic Park, and all I could notice were the food stalls, (I will eventually stop complaining I promise), it was great to see so many eyes lit up at the actual park. So many new people socialising with each other.


I walked up and those stairs felt like I was climbing a mountain, I sat in my seat and wow what an amazing view I had. The sun was shining (right in my face) the sky was blue not a cloud in sight and there were thousands of spectators ready for the show.

I was melting in the sun for hours, as I was not sat in any shade and did not have the energy to get up so I stuck it out. The row I was sat on was empty for the first two hours, which did not help I wanted to share the moment with someone, discuss the games and what we thought may happen.

Closer to the time I met some lovely people who were also games makers, they were a lot older than me but were just as excited as I was.

With strict instructions from Danny Boyle #savethesuprise was advertised everywhere meaning I couldn’t give everything away until the official opening.

What to expect:

The ceremony began at 20:12 pm  and it made us Brits  proud of hosting such an amazing ceremony and Olympics. Were you entertained?

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