When I worked at the London 2012 Olympics

When I was still at university I decided to apply to work at the London 2012 Olympics, unsure whether I would get in- I gave it my best shot. I received my confirmation for an interview in Coventry. Three trains and a taxi later, I was at the interview. We were shown around and then had to answer 7 questions. After a while I received an e-mail saying I was working at the Olympics.

London 2012

For what felt like forever before 2012 I passed my degree, graduated and was left unemployed. I wasn’t sure whether I would have a job and it was a frustrating and difficult time. After hundreds of applications, I was finally offered a job and accepted.


There was hardly any time to relax. I had training in London the first weekend, the next was to collect my uniform, and after that I had my second training session. It was lovely to meet other people who had similar roles and just as excited. I booked time off from my new job- cheeky I know but it wasn’t an opportunity I could miss.

IMG_9458 IMG_9461                                                    IMG_9462




IMG_9495The first day I was so nervous, probably because I wasn’t confident with traveling on tubes. The map is just coloured in different lines to me. But I am happy to say I mastered the commute. Anyway, I was introduced to my team leader and my day to day roles. I had press seats, so basically watched the games for free. I was based at the Volleyball event- we were allowed to watch other events at the Excel Arena during breaks and after shifts. I had early starts and late finishes but managed to free up some time because of matches finishing earlier- win! The pictures I took were unfortunately on my old iphone 3, so I guess what i’m saying is the quality is not great.


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