The commute- seeing things differently

This is not the most exciting post, i’ll be the first to admit that. If you are like me and experience regular train delays then you will know how frustrating it can get. The odd tweet here and there to National Rail doesn’t always change your situation. But hey it makes me feel better.

So my answer is, photograph the journey, if you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed many sunsets and sunrises. A few months ago I was on the train as usual and we were delayed because of a prison escape. Our train was searched several times, but nothing serious happened.


It’s hard to take astounding photographs on a fast moving train, or even the slow ones which look like a bus. But below are my favourite pictures, it was after a boiling hot day. We won a team competition and had a lovely meal, but the journey home took forever. It was delayed for about half an hour, but I got to capture the sunset- a few strange looks on the train was never going to stop me.

sky train                         train

It can be quite peaceful, even a journey you take five times a week can be the only time you have to think. I found my favourite part of the journey, a bit sad I know- but I really enjoyed taking pictures of this place. It’s really not a place for walking, so I guess it means more photograph’s from my window view.


Have you got a favourite place, somewhere you can keep calm during your commute?

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