Throwback Thursday – being a big kid

I have a presentation to do- something I’ve been really nervous about- for a while. Why? although my background is in communication and I used to talk on the radio for a living- I still get nervous. So my good friend Eddy (who has been my audience for the past 5 or so) agreed to help. We began our evening with Mexican food, as always and you cannot beat enchilada with lots of cheese and guacamole.

After we finished, we walked through the old local park. It’s the one we used to all play in when we were younger. The big kid in us shouted get on those swings, slides and the really big slide. How I managed to get down that slide without getting stuck is beyond me, and it wasn’t a nice landing- I really hurt myself.

slide               swings

It’s been over a decade since I used this park, for those 10 minutes it felt great to be a kid again and forget about every single worry. Remember when someone would push you on the swing and you could just face the sky,aaah the memories. Anyway, to end the night I completed my presentation, presented a few times, and ended with a slice of fresh cream cake.

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