Vintage Fair

This weekend, I wanted to take it easy- by that I mean not spending my whole weekend at the gym. I needed to go to the bank after payday, look at me being all sensible. As I was in the city centre I came across the Vintage Fair, it cost me £2 to get in and there I was.

IMG_0204            IMG_0203

My first mission was to buy another lego ring, I had one when I was at uni but lost it and haven’t bought another. Sadly there was no one selling them, I went around three times to make sure. I also wanted to buy a vintage bag but this girl dived in and bought it before me-boo! I even walked slowly to see if she changed her mind but no- she bought it. Although I love vintage stuff, I didn’t fancy buying anything- unlike last year I found better bargains and quality.

Have you been to any vintage fairs lately?

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