Walk away


Sometimes we need to get away, away from everything. Unfortunately not everyone has the finances to go abroad all the time. One of my biggest regrets about Uni is the lack of travelling. I went to lectures, seminars , the gym and then worked.

Sob story over, I felt so defeated when I was unemployed after university. Again that would have been the time to travel- but no work no money !


Ideally this year I was planning on using all my holidays on actual holidays. Ok so not everything has to be glamorous, I wouldn’t mind a trip to Dublin. I don’t want another year where I haven’t been anywhere, experienced a new place.


In order to make things better I go on long walks- last year I started having breakfast at the park. It was great and therapeutic, but with it only being March and it’s not getting any warmer that idea has kind of gone too.


Bliss ( my car) can’t handle long journeys at the moment so I can’t walk around the countryside.Hopefully this weekend I’ll find a new path, and walk my worries away. Have you got any places you like to walk to?

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