No words


I’ve been having one of those weeks where I need to sit in a park or countryside and breathe. No public transport, no sitting in a car in traffic, no noise just peace. My weekends are being saturated by sorting out “grown-up” chores. Last year, I was hoping that I could improve my fitness. I’ve been training at the gym since September, but you know that saying “What you have now, is once what you could have only hoped for.”



Well, although I am extremely grateful, there’s something missing- an adventure. Whether that be a new place to visit, or a short break- something needs to be discovered.


I used to have this bad habit where I just looked back, i’d tell myself I had moved on. But in reality my mindset was sometimes living in the past. So far, I have been moving forward, even if they are baby steps, it works. A healthy mind can only be a better one, am I making sense?

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