Since when did we…

get so busy?

As I write this post, all I can think of is my list of 100 things to do this week. Ok slight exaggeration but you get the point? With it being the first week of April I couldn’t help and look at my bucket list. Where am I, and what am I doing. So far I have ticked a few things off my list but come on these holidays need to get booked. It’s my birthday next month and although I am still considered “young” I can’t help but assess a lot of things.


IMG_0885            IMG_0886

I guess when things get like this, I look back at times when I had just left uni and was in the world of unemployment. These photo’s were taken on my old iphone 3G and it wasn’t the best time for me. Moan over, now move over- I should sound more grateful and believe me I am, but I suppose we all have them days.






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