World Championship Snooker

So if you know me personally, you will know how much of a snooker fan I am. I have been watching it since I was born and think it’s a great sport. What’s more, it is hosted in my home town so I really get a feel for it. The 17 day marathon brings the city to life, and an electric atmosphere which everyone can enjoy.


A few years ago I was fortunate enough to have a press pass, I even got in for free for a few matches. But that aside the next few years were a bit more difficult, one I was still searching for a job so I couldn’t justify buying a ticket. The year after I was so busy with work that I missed out. It’s quite sad that I didn’t go as much as I feel like I could have. One of the main reasons I enjoy watching the matches is the memories. As part of my childhood snooker is the one thing we gathered round to watch as a family. The nostalgia always brings back memories I often miss.

Bring it back to 2014, I tried to persuade as many people as I could to come with me- they were not having it. So I looked on the website for tickets, they were unavailable. An hour later some tickets were released, two to be precise. I fought for my ticket, someone beat me to it the first few times- but I kept refreshing the page and luckily more returns meant more tickets. I managed to get one and didn’t waste anytime.

Table 1- Ronnie O’Sullivan vs Robin Hull

Table 2- Ali Carter vs Xiao Guodong

IMG_1217           IMG_1218               IMG_1219           IMG_1220

I was absolutely chuffed with my seat to watch the Rocket. You probably don’t need me to mention the score but FYI :

Ali Carter Xiao Guodong 5-4

Ronnie O’Sullivan vs Robin Hull 10-4

Also what do you think of my 5 seconds of fame?


Have you been to watch any matches?

Let me know x






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