Vintage Fair

Wait we are in May?

Can you believe it, one my birthday is in a few days, two errr my bucket list still needs ticking off and I still have no holidays book eeek. Crisis over, I went to the Vintage Fair in Sheffield today. I wrote a post about here a few months ago. I didn’t have much luck last time because all I really wanted was a lego ring. I lost mine whilst at university and never found anymore.

VF 1

As you can see it was very busy, one of the reasons I hardly look at the clothes is because I never know what I am looking for. I think you have to be a professional shopper, unlike me who nearly got knocked over at one point.

013 vf2


VF4 VF 8



I managed to buy a few things, and I thought it was a great event. Did you manage to go and buy anything?




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