Guest post: Happy Birthday


Hey everyone this is Edman, Shehla’s friend and instead of a birthday card, I asked Shehla if I could hijack her blog this once – I finally feel part of the future! Today Shehla turns 24 and I wanted to write a little about the birthday girl. Dimpled, shorter than average, snooker loving, sport mad, Scott McGregor obsessed Shehla. How lucky I am to know you.

Yes everyone thinks their friends are super awesome, rainbow dwelling angels, but my friend in addition to all this, is also my inspiration. Shehla is the type of person who life just CANNOT get down. She’s the kind of person who is up at the crack of dawn (by choice!) to go to the gym, or for a walk just to experience nature. While some of us, Shehla included, can be troubled by problems within us, what I love about her is that this does not stop her experiencing life to the fullest. Her infectious zest for life and hunger for new adventures are a joy to see. For someone like me, who has their moments of darkness, Shehla’s upbeat attitude is what helped me out of my funk, many more times than she realises.

I think the ability Shehla has to look outwards and appreciate the beauty of life is reflected in her photography. I love the clouds, sunsets, buildings and beautiful nature she captures. Just like Shehla the person, her photos remind me how truly great everything can be.

Thank you Shehla for everything. You are always there to make me laugh, and encourage and lift me in everything that I do. My life is so much better with you around. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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