Top 5 photo apps

There are thousands of apps out there, so I thought i’d post a round up of my top 5 photo apps.

5. Seene

Now I have only used this a few times but it’s great for creating a 3D effect with your photograph. For first time users you may get frustrated and feel like giving up, but it is all about making the object as accurate as possible.



4. 360 Selfie

If you haven’t heard about Selfies, where have you been? This app is perfect for those who love to take Selfies. It allows you to create a panorama, portrait and full Selfies.


3. Snap Seed

If you are fairly happy with your photograph but just want to touch it up with minor edits then this is perfect.

2. LayRs

This has to be one of my favourite photo-editing apps. Not only does it have cool filters you also get to highlight certain parts of the photo.



1. Insta Collage

This has been my favourite app since I first downloaded. You can create collages within seconds, unlike some of the other apps where you have to select an image one by one. There are the odd filters but it’s easier to use the ones on actual Instagram.


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