Just one last chance

Are you enjoying the World Cup so far? If you are an England fan and stayed up till past midnight to watch them lose I feel your pain. I was going to prepare a feast but ended up at a pre-World Cup/birthday party.



Lots of food and people and a brilliant atmosphere, of course there were talks about us losing. I predicted 2-1 to Italy, unfortunately I was right. I made it home for the match and during half time I noticed the full moon, so I pulled out my Nikon and took some pictures. I tried to take some more using my telescope but it was too much effort- I was so sleepy.

Moon       full moon

Bliss (my car) and I went for a drive, I feel like I haven’t been on a long drive for so long. I have to admit I actually miss driving, I always go on about walking- but in the rain i’d choose my car. It reminded me of Ben Howard’s song the promise, the fact that the video is of someone driving sums it up pretty nicely. Anyway have a great day.



*Note this Selfie was taken whilst I was parked outside my house not when I was actually driving.

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