Write let’s get on with it

I was thinking the other day- you know as you do. That when I was younger I actually used to write everyday. When I was at school it got to the point I was writing on bus tickets because I had so many words but nothing to say. To all the creative community i’m sure you understand? I then went through a phase where I didn’t write as much and slowly it wasn’t part of my life as much.


Writer’s block some may say, but I knew I didn’t feel the same about it. Maybe I should have thought my writing has matured of some sort? I still ramble on, but there you have it. Hopefully having a blog means I can put my creative soul to rest. Not in a it’s dead and buried but allow myself to be creative again.


Another thing which I used to do was use Photoshop a lot. This wasn’t just to edit my own pictures but people who I knew that were trying to make their music know. I’d create banners for websites, music album covers and so on. I hope to develop this skill too, a better one that my 11 year old self used to have. (Hey I had a lot of requests from my friends and friends of friends).

IMG_2336What’s your advice for gaining your creativity again?


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