Beacons Festival 2014

I am not a regular festival goer, the reason I went to Leeds Fest was purely for Eminem. But I was on the press list for Beacons Festival this year.  It’s not a festival I have heard much about but as it’s in Yorkshire (Skipton) I had to explore.

Beacons Festival

I had a day ticket for Saturday as camping has never appealed to me and the horrendous rain didn’t help either. I began my day with hair chalk and making sure my outfit was festival friendly, wellies and a raincoat to be precise.


Once I was ready I began my public transport commute (can I hear a whoop) not something I was looking forward to as it was two train journeys away. We made our way to Skipton, and as soon as we saw a sign for Beacons we began walking. Big mistake, we walked towards a farm and saw the sign for the national speed limit.  I managed to flag a taxi down and the taxi driver laughed at us for attempting to walk. 2 miles he said, not walking distance. Anyway, once we got to the yellow gate and collected our wristbands we started walking around.


Beacons Darcy Beacons Shehla

I was so hungry we decided to check out all the street foods, I chose the spicy vegetarian paella. To top it off I purchased a lovely Oreo Milkshake.


Next stop “The Impossible lecture”, no it’s nothing like being at uni, it was more the alternative comedy/book reading. I didn’t really get it to be honest, but fair play to him for entertaining a crowd.


My favourite part has to be the Red Bull Studio Live, the music was amazing and the atmosphere was so relaxed.



IMG_3430 IMG_3431                        MOKO  MK

For a festival I had never heard of or knew much about i’d highly recommend it. I didn’t know most of the line-up but I would love to go again next year.

Anyone else enjoy Beacons?


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