SA-HA Steak Review

You may have noticed my previous restaurant reviews, and hey why not include another one. Last Saturday my friend had invited myself and another bestie out for dinner. She had been away for nearly a month so what better way to welcome her back.

I’m the worst for not taking advantage of restaurants and cafe’s nearby- as I work in a different city I am more prone to exploring their. I mean, after my last post- the message really was make the most of what you have.


So we booked a table at SA-Ha’s steak, on a bust Saturday evening. We were greeted by two staff members. I hadn’t looked at the menu before and wasn’t sure about what to have (I usually decide within 5 minutes). Not this time, I am not a massive fan of burgers or steak- did I pick the wrong place?Saha steak

Not at all, I ordered some starters ‘Arancini Balls’ which are basically fried rice balls, with mozzarella cheese and sweet chilli.  For drinks it had to be a Strawberry Daiquiri Mocktail. I struggled with the main, I ordered a cajun chicken burger with fries. It was a difficult burger to get through, mainly because the actual burger was too big. Personally I preferred the starters.


The best part of it was the dessert, as it was a Saturday the special was on display. Oh yes, the SA-HA Crepe Cake. Words cannot describe how amazing this cake was, it looked amazing and tasted even better. The crepe wasn’t overwhelming at all, so I would highly recommend it.


The bill came to £80 for 3, so it’s not the cheapest in town. Also it is worth noting that they do not accept card payments-so remember to take cash. After all, I would say the staff were very friendly and helpful. The mocktails and desserts are the best!






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