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I talk about travel enough on this blog, although I do not have a huge trip planned (yet) I booked Paris. It was only for a weekend, and if it’s the closest i’ll get to a holiday then it may as well be now.

I left all the planning to my friend, we booked the Megabus for 1.40am. The only reason was because there were no trains running at this time down to London. Never and I say never again will I catch the mega bus. We were delayed by two hours, changed drivers three times and the reason behind this was unknown. The driver said it was not his problem, so the end result was us running for a taxi. We explained to the driver how we had 10 minutes to get on the Eurostar. He said he would give it a go and was one of the nicest drivers. We got there but unfortunately boarding had finished. We caught the one half an hour later instead.

Once we were in Paris, we walked to our hotel which was only 10 minutes from the city centre. The irony is that it was quicker to get to Paris than London. When we arrived at the hotel, we were told it was too early to check in. So we walked around for a few hours.

Paris 1   Paris 2

013    Paris 4


It was 22c in Paris, so I obviously got a tan like everywhere I go, but it was just so peaceful. We grabbed some food as we hadn’t eaten for like 10 hours. After that the only thing to do was visit the Eiffel Tower. We got on the number 30 bus and the last stop was our destination. It took around 45 minutes and then a walk round the corner.

Paris Eif

If you are 18-24 then you can get a discount on your ticket, bringing it to 13.50 Euros.


CU Eiffel Tower

There are two floors for the Eiffel Tower and then the  top of the tower, you have to have a seperate ticket for that.

River View from top

Eiffel T High

Whilst I was on the tower, I looked up. The end result was me feeling dizzy, for someone who loves heights it was an experience which I will never forget.

Buildings People sunset Sun Sunset Paris Sunset Tower 1

After an amazing experience we made our way back down to watch the tower light up. There were crowds gathering round and with cameras ready.

Moon Paris T at night T Tower at night

Getting back to the hotel was a rush, we got on the wrong bus (someone told us to get on it, I swear). We then got lost around our area. After about an hour we found our way and couldn’t wait to sleep.

The next morning, and our last day we planned to visit the Louvre museum. If you are an EU citizen you can get in for free so make sure you take your passport with you.

Fountain 1 Fountain... Mona Lisa

Even though I was sick and not feeling great I enjoyed my weekend in Paris. It’s great for a short break and so much to see.

Locks 1 Locks


Have you got any suggestions for a mini break?

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