Little grown ups

Recently I have been scrolling down my timeline *dramatic music*, cue the scene and here we are today. Ok this doesn’t have to be exaggerated as much, but is everyone growing up too fast or is it just me?

I came across Elliot’s Quest, a fellow bloggers post which I found really insightful. Why are so many people in their mid-20s having a breakdown. We feel like we aren’t achieving enough, settling down, not travelling the world, haven’t found the right career, haven’t explored enough.

At what point do we find out what we really want, and will we ever?

There is a great quote which I think fits in perfect with this post, I don’t know the author but it pretty much sums it up for me.

IMG_4179 Success

In my experience, not everyone will ride the same path as you, so you may have to walk alone. You’ll have to step up and make a change even if it is the scariest thing you ever do, it will be worth it, even just for the lesson.

Whatever it is you want to go for it, a new career, holiday, travel experience  just do it..and have a great day. You never know what may come of it!

Feel free to include any suggestions or experiences below.

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