Planning my trip to…

So if you have been reading my blog or know me in person you will be aware of my urge to travel. I am a holiday hoarder and only taken 4 days of this year. Well done I hear? It has lead me to many sleepless nights of will I actually get away or will it be 2-3 weeks of boredom at home. Now I am not saying you have to go away but I already sort of had something planned anyway. That aside, after a few let downs and some misfortune with accommodation and flights I decided I had to do it and it happened. On my lunch break I made a call to the travel agent and booked it all. I  am officially going to Australia. It’s something I have wanted to do for a while now and for two weeks I will be livin’ it up in Oz (as the cool kids will say).



My main fears:


  • Train delay which will mean I could possibly miss my flight
  • Being unable to contact anyone whilst I am there
  • My Visa not being accepted even though I had confirmation
  • Forgetting something important
  • Getting lost

What I am looking forward to:

  • Catching up with my friends living out there
  • All the tourist attractions
  • Knowing I have done this all by myself (pat on the back)
  • The confidence it will give me for the future
  • Getting away from the cold rainy weather
  • A break

You’ll notice how I haven’t mentioned everything which I will be doing, this is more about the personal journey as well as the tourism. The next time I will be writing a post (or a few batches of them) will be when I arrive back from Australia. Feel free to share any tips or advice you may have of things to do or what to look out for.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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