Nearly the end

Ok, am I the only one who has seen all the Christmas cards on display, yes it is happening. We are coming closer to the end of 2014. Can you believe it, in a few months we will be going into a new year. It shouldn’t be a surprise as this does take place every year, but do you ever look back and wonder what if?


Lately that’s how I have been feeling, probably a bit obvious with my last few posts and I don’t want to sound negative, I really don’t. But I was stood at the platform a few weeks ago and realised I had been on the same train, for over two years.  It brought me down a bit, is this it, am I settling?

Then it occurred to me, maybe it’s the same train, but it’s the journey which counts.  A lot has happened in the past few years and sometimes you have to tell yourself it’s ok.  I usually think of the big picture, but when reflecting on the finer details things make sense. I have learned a lot about myself and maybe we all need to go through something to make us stronger. I really enjoy reading Mandy Kloppers blog ‘Thoughts on Life and Love’, it always makes me feel better and see things differently. Have you got any recommended reading?







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