I’m going to Oz…but wait ?

I finished work on Thursday, and that evening was full of stress. Yes I knew I would be off to Australia in 24 hours (or more). But as I commute I only have the weekends to complete my chores. I booked it two weeks in advance which didn’t leave much time but spontaneous or what?

I have a phobia of being late, no really I do. My love hate relationship with public transport is well complicated. I had to catch the train and underground for the flight. If it was late I could potentially miss my flight. But when I made it to heathrow and checked in – well it was a huge relief.


The next thing the actual flight, with it being 22 hours we had I stop at Dubai for the plane to refuel. I was already jet lagged and I’m not good with sleeping on planes.



After that the 12 hour journey began, I just wanted to get there and it felt like a life time. I watched 3 films, listened to Arctic Monkeys (x4) Aaliyah and some usher. When I finally set foot in Melbourne I was amazed. It was 10pm, but what a view.

With the time difference I was wide awake but I forced myself to sleep.

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