London to Melbourne

I had to work on Thursday, and as I commute it was stressful enough. What if I forgot something, were all my documents ready, is my suitcase travel worthy…

Anyway the morning came, 4am to be exact I was at the station by 5:15 am and waited for step 1 of my journey. The dreaded journey to Heathrow Airport. If the train was delayed my whole journey would be messed up. As I made it to the underground and got on the tube I was still unsettled, what if I got on the wrong plane?

It was my first time traveling alone this far so I had to rely on myself. As I checked in and handed over my luggage, it finally kicked in. I’m going to Australia.


The flight was 22 hours, we had a 2 hour stop off at Dubai and then off again. As we landed in Melbourne it was 9:35pm but of course with the time difference I was wide awake and had to force myself to sleep.

I stayed at Southbank right next to the Eureka Skydeck which I would highly recommend as you are nearby and can never get lost.

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