Philip Island and Penguin Parade

When I originally went to book my trip the travel agent mentioned a penguin parade, I thought it was a joke. I asked whether it was some sort of a museum we go to, but no she explained what it was.  Again, I booked this beforehand and didn’t research where it was or what I would be doing. The tour began at 12.20pm, we were on our way to Philip Island and a zoo. I promise it gets exciting. As usual we were treated to a break with coffee and sandwiches. Our next stop was the zoo, we were able to feed the animals and event pet a Koala. They have become one of my favourite animals since.

Zoo 1 Zoo2 Zoo Zoo Koala

CU koala

Then there was a half an hour walk along the beach, it was really windy but the Australian sun never let us down. It was a peaceful walk where we  witnessed surf lessons from the young and old.



Beach island beach p island

We then made our way to Philip Island, I honestly thought I would blow away. But how glorious is the view.

beach p island Beach p Philip Island 2 Philip Island Beach phili Beach phil

The final stop, the penguin parade just in time for sunset. Now this is all based on nature and animals, so even though people were asking when the show was about to start, there really is no telling. The baby penguins are expected to come out of the sea and make their way to their little huts. Unfortunately you aren’t allowed to take photographs of the parade. This is due to flashing lights and intimidation of loads of cameras in their faces.

W wwww ww www

This is worth doing, even if you aren’t an animal lover, but it’s worth noting that do take a coat or a cardigan. Australia may be warm but the beach isn’t especially after sunset.

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