Flashback 2014

What can I say 2014 has been a year to remember, cliche but it really has. From a personal point of view I have pushed myself in little ways which have lead to incredible opportunities. One minute I am sat at my desk two weeks later i’m in Australia. If there is one thing I have learned is never rely on anyone else, people will let you down and it is inevitable. It may not be deliberately and often can’t be helped, but see everything as an opportunity. I was constantly running out of people to try new things with, so why force someone else when you can do things on your own. Once you are out there you will realise you’re not the only one, so are we really ever on our own?

Melbourne 1

I wanted to write this post to reflect on the past 12 months, not to brag but really point out the highlights. When I started my new job I had a few spare hours and decided I wanted to start mentoring people, after a day I had accomplished my training. For me it is important to give back, I don’t mean to preach but we can get so caught up it’s nice to know you are helping people.

As a huge sports fan I went to watch the World Championship Snooker and even got tickets for the final. Not to mention the Tour De France went through Yorkshire and what an amazing thing to experience.

My musical taste has expanded since going to Beacons and Leeds Festival, hopefully I will try more festivals. Especially the ones no one has really heard of I think those are the most interesting.

I wanted to travel more so booked a short trip to Paris, Edinburgh and spent the best two weeks of my life in Australia. I was scared of traveling alone, now I can’t wait to see the world.

What about your highlights for 2014?


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