First time in Sydney

After I said my goodbyes to Melbourne I caught a flight to Sydney, it was only for an hour. It felt strange being on a plane for such little time, after being on it for nearly a day.

Aeroplane Sydney

I had arranged to meet one of my friends in Sydney as she had been studying there. So she came to my hotel to collect me, I was so excited about seeing the opera house and harbour bridge.

Bridge   Mushroom

We walked down to the opera house and ordered some food and waited for a top spot. I ordered a mushroom burger with chips and a coke. The waiter had warned us to watch out for the seagulls. My friend and I were taking Selfies and before you know it my burger was demolished by about 10 seagulls. The waiter kindly replaced my burger, no more Selfies after that as we guarded our food.

food sydney

Pano Sydney

We walked around some more, took loads of photographs before it was time to say goodbye to my friend. She was off traveling elsewhere and I made my way back to the hotel. Well, it wasn’t as straight forward- it took a few hours to reach my destination. You know how I said you can’t get lost in Melbourne, well Sydney will get you. They have places in corners, not just a grid. I didn’t have access to the internet so I learned how to read a map, go me.

Fountain Chinese Gardens

The next day I had free and thought about visiting the harbour bridge. I wanted to make my own way there as I booked the bridge climb for a few days after. I mean how hard could it be? I followed the sign to ‘Harbour’. Before you knew it I was there, it didn’t seem that far from my hotel so I was cheering and patting myself on the back. I ordered some ice-cream as it was boiling hot. I asked the man serving me where the bridge was, he looked at me and said quite far. I was in fact at Darling Harbour. My face dropped, but I thought I may as well make the most of it so I walked around. I came across some street entertainment, just like being home.

street 2 street 1

I decided to get a ferry to Manly Beach, I wanted to go flyboarding but they don’t do it there. It was a nice peaceful place, I spent a couple of hours there and then caught the ferry back to Circle Quays.

sail Ferrymanly Manly 2

As the sun was setting I walked past the Westfield Tower, my friend had told me you can walk go to the top. You know me and heights, I love them. So I went to the top and decided to sky walk the top tower. It was one of the best things I have done, with a group of strangers we walked around for an hour witnessed the fireworks, and learned a lot about Sydney. One our way back we were told to jump and touch the ‘W’ of Westfield so we can come back and tell everyone.

Skywalk 1  Skywalk 4              

skywalk 2  skywalk 8                                                  skywalk 6  Skywalk 5         skywalk 3  Skywalk 7Skywalk pano

Sometimes getting lost, is the best thing that can happen- you never know what you may discover.

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