Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

I had arranged to meet another friend who had recently moved to Sydney. Luna Park was the meeting point, I also had access to free Wi-Fi so shared a quick update with family and friends who were ofcourse in a different timezone. We met and walked over to have some fish & chips, I was totally stuffed and then began my tour of Sydney.

Luna luna 2

We walked around and caught the ferry to a few stops and enjoyed the scenery. I was so happy to have friends to show me around. We sat down for coffee and milkshakes before it was time to say goodbye. I had planned to climb the harbour bridge so had to be there before twilight. As I went to check in, I was asked the last time I had ate, it was like 6 hours ago. The woman told me I would be walking for 3 hours so it would be good to get some snacks. I did, but the food wasn’t that great there. Once we had all checked in, we were asked to change into our uniforms and tie our hair back, place phones away and get ready. There is a ladder located in the prep room so that you can get used to them. Once we had all our equipment and met our tour person we were ready. I volunteered to go first, everyone else was with someone so I thought it made sense right?

Bridge climb bridge


Off we went, our first mini stop was where someone had fallen whilst building the bridge. Not what I wanted to hear and for someone who isn’t afraid of heights, at that point I was. We then moved on to climbing the four long ladders, and when you look down you can see everything. The easiest part was climbing the steps to the top. I really enjoyed it and it is a must for the bucket list. Once you get to blinking Billy you can shout, jump and cheer that you made it. I chose to do my climb at twilight so I got experience day and night, and the sunset is truly remarkable.

Once I had finished, I walked down the ‘Rocks’ and take some pictures of the Bridge and Opera House at night.

Sydney 5 Sydney 2 Sydney 6 Sydney 4 Sydney 3 Sydney 1

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