Blue Mountains

I only heard about the Blue Mountains when I booked my trip to Oz. I mean I had so much going on this wasn’t something I had really thought about. I was picked up from my hotel early and off we went. I sat next to someone else who was traveling alone and made a friend for life.

Blue mountains 1 Blue mountains 2

We made a short stop for hot drinks and biscuits. The tour guide asked us if we wanted to visit the Valley and see the three sisters- it’s not included in the day tour so you have to pay additional money.

We then went to Lincoln’s Rock, I don’t usually post pictures of myself on my blog- but this is my favourite. We were told not to go too close to the edge. On a serious note be careful as there isn’t any safety net to save you.

Blue mountains 3

Blue mountains 5 blue mountains 4


Blue mountains 7 blue mountains 6

blue mountains 8 blue mountains 9

The view was breath taking, one of the passengers asked why they were called the Blue Mountains, he said because they look blue. For anyone else wondering, there’s a spoiler for you.

blue mountains 10 Blue mountains 11

After lunch we went to the valley and took this awesome train and cable car. It’s like a roller coaster, one of my highlights of the tour. When you go for the walk there are three options based on time: 15,25,45 minutes. We chose the longest one to make the most out of the tour.

Blue mountains 15 Blue mountains 14                                          Blue mountains 13  blue mountains 12

Blue mountains 17 Blue mountains 16                                                                                  Blue mountains 18

Once we had finished we drove past the Olympic Park and then a complimentary cruise back to the Harbour Bridge.  The Blue Mountains is a great place to visit, you get a real taste of Australia and its history. To finish off I went to see the sunset at a hidden park which I was told about by my new friend.

Blue mountains 20 Blue mountains 21 Blue mountains 19 Blue mountains 22


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