Where are we going

So I have only posted once this year, shame on me. I have been extremely busy and not had the time or anything new to blog about. I know they are just excuses but hey it helps you understand my situation.

Moving on, how’s it going? Did you stick to your new year new me resolution? I said I wanted to travel more, even populated my bucket list but to be honest not put as much thought into it. Why? I don’t even have the answer, well apart from the everyday stuff which takes over and sometimes pulls you away from what you want to do. So how do you keep yourself going?


Well I told myself- yes I had a great year last year even when I felt like I wouldn’t achieve any of my goals. So why would this year be any different? I may not get to tick everything off my bucket list, but if I learned anything last year it was how to deal with things better.

I will have more uplifting and interesting posts I promise, this was just to give you a heads up. Some may think that blogs are a waste of time, but the amount of blogs I have read and felt inspired. It makes me think words truly are powerful even if they are painted with pictures.

Credit: This image was taken by the sky walking staff at Sydney Tower.

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