Do you ever wake up wanting to remember that time you felt so inspired and ambitious? Like it was a distance memory or unsure about whether or not it even existed. I reckon we have all had our moments where we have felt so broken and burnt out that we know longer know. That passion which kept us alive is well no longer there. What once kept us motivated has a huge question mark around it with flashing neon lights. I guess most of us find ourselves wondering what went wrong and how we could let it slip this far. Sometimes you have to remember things happen to make us appreciate where we are now. Looking back is not helping you unless it’s to see how far you have come.  We are often left so overwhelmed with comparing ourselves with others achievements we think what’s the point? But you know the ones who make it? Yes they are the ones who never quit, they keep going and they never ever give up!


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Take that situation you may be in right now and think right I have had my ups and downs and this is just a moment. A moment in my life where it does not define me or make me any less of a person it is an experience, one I will take on the chin.  So whatever it is you may feel, try not to make yourself bitter- instead get better, and remember you are only competing with yourself.





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