Break it off

The bank holiday is nearly over (boo) so how did you spend yours? I chose to bake and cook this weekend,  hey food makes me happy. Having glanced over my bucket list, I chose something which I could tick off quite quickly. Well even if i’m not baking regularly I think from now on I will. If a trip to Hawaii or Japan isn’t happening right now then I shall work with what I have.

I decided to bake cupcakes because my love for them is still strong, I knew baking a full cake would just end up inside of me (not enough heads to feed) and I am trying to shed the pounds. Below is my attempt to make cupcakes with no decorating items, so bare with me whilst I improve!


I was also on the hunt for more hair chalk, I ran out already. You can view my hair chalk review here if you are unsure what i’m talking about. Instead of the actual chalk the nice lady at the shop introduced me to the spray hair chalk (lilac). Let me know what you think? I personally found it easier to use but will post a full review soon.

lilac hair


Finally, this weekend I have been working on an upcoming project but I can tell you all just yet!

Watch this space x

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