90’s kid

I’m a 90’s kid, back when B*Witched had their top 10 hits, Eminem was introduced, cassettes were still around and chokers were a thing.  It’s my birthday next month and (slight anxiety over how grown up I should be) I thought now would be a perfect time to reflect. I would read magazines like Shout and Smash Hits just so I could keep up with pop culture. There were times where I was team Britney but inside loved Christina. Anyway anyone who remembers this era will appreciate great music and good TV. I recall double denim happening not to mention crazy hair styles (crimped hair anyone?).

I’m glad to see classic shows like Saved By The Bell and Sabrina The Teenage Witch back on. It makes you appreciate those days! Now I am a bit of a hoarder, I find it hard to let go because I don’t want to lose good memories. Unfortunately my old cassettes were thrown out and a lot of my 90’s stuff when I moved to a new house. So to entertain you here is a great Buzzfeed article.

Being born in the 90’s is a blessing and i’m sure there are great memories people would like to share.

If you have any memories you’d like to share comment below 🙂






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