What’s the point of a New Year’s resolution when all my life changes happen in May. I don’t know what it is, maybe something to do with the month I am born in. Well I haven’t posted a lot over the past few weeks- even the year to be honest. This year was meant to be the year I took on loads of adventures abroad.  Now I feel like a similar thing is happening where I am running out of time. Does anyone else ever feel like that? I hear people planning things for Christmas and I go into the whole “have I done everything I wanted to this year”, “am I even close.”


I haven’t ticked off many items off my bucket list- but I have progressed with other things personally. Sometimes we can’t have it all at once, but maybe making the most of what we have now will be more fulfilling. This wasn’t meant to be a personal post but sometimes you have to share a few words right?


So far I have learned, an experience is an experience so it’s all wasted if you don’t learn from it. I don’t like to regret anything I would rather go for something and fail then never bother at all.  My most popular topic on this blog will be about travel…like I will plan some trips (fingers crossed) if I have enough holidays at my new work place. But if not, hey I will find little day trips to experience, because you don’t always have to go abroad right?


Although I hope it is China and Japan this year- the purpose of me writing this is so that I am under pressure to make it happen.

Have you got any trips planned this year?


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