It gets better

It gets better…sometimes we don’t know what we have until we have a little catch up with friends and family. My lifestyle has lead to a lot of anti-social moments for the past few years. I had become so busy that when I had “free time” all I wanted to do were  chores and things like going to the bank or getting my food shopping.  Although that was super exciting- no really I love queuing up and preparing for my week ahead. It was all part of my routine where even though i’d schedule things in with friends, if something got cancelled it would be another month before I got to see my friends. Although I embrace the whole being alone and “me against the world” attitude it’s nice to have a cup of coffee, a crepe and a good laugh.


Cake crepe crepes DSCN1889DSCN1892 DSCN1888  food image


I’d love to hear where your favourite cafe and coffee places are x

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