I always keep things bottled up, no matter what the situation is unless I am laughing hysterically. One of the things I find difficult is saying goodbye to someone, if they are moving away or leaving work I just never know what to say. It sounds weird right?

I’d rather avoid saying goodbye to people just because I find it so awkward. However, it is my last day at work today. I have been working in a different city for 2 and a half years and the majority of my friends live there. So when I decided to leave all I could think about was at least I will not have to commute and complain about my train delay. Or I will get an extra 3.5 hours in bed-result!


But I realised I will really miss my friends and what I love about Leeds is the food and mocktails. I have met the most amazing people and made friends for life. I guess my lifestyle will change quite a bit over the next few weeks but I have so much to look forward to. Sometimes we have to move on to challenge ourselves and create opportunities. So I decided to write this post to remind me of the start of a new journey.

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