“Just say yes” is a term I have heard one too many times. Easier said than done right?

There have been times when you may have missed a moment, or never said yes to that one opportunity because you just couldn’t. Failure is hard to take in but so is regret. Trust me the amount of times I didn’t say yes to something and regretted it later I wouldn’t be able to count on both hands. I look back and think why didn’t I do this or why didn’t I just say yes and maybe things would have been different. Things happen for a reason, well that’s what I believe. A perfect opportunity may present itself and it doesn’t plan out the way you wanted it to but that’s ok. Everything happens for a reason, and we have good things taken away from us so that we can have something better.

I don’t want to turn this into a soppy post, it is more about making the most out of a moment and overcoming regret, I’m no expert I just wanted to share my experience without getting too personal. Who knows this post may help someone along the way.

Appreciate the moment you are in and focus on the journey not the destination. It’s ok to “fail”, and it is only ever failure if you don’t learn from it. One of my favourite quotes is from Eric Thomas- “Don’t cry to give up cry to keep going. You are already in pain get a reward from it.” Don’t dwell on the past, you are not the person you used to be so there’s no point beating yourself over it. We have all made mistakes and guess what it only makes us human.


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