Leeds Pintura restaurant review

Since I finished working in Leeds i’ve not been back, not for leisure purposes anyway. So I had arranged to meet three of my close friends who I have missed dearly. I was working in Leeds for a project and decided it was time to try Pintura. I had heard about it and walked past but never actually dined there. I was greeted by a lovely waitress and waiter who took care of us in the evening. We were first timers so did not know what to expect.

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To begin I ordered a Pineapple mocktail, they are not on the menu but if you name a fruit they create anything you want, result. I always get happy when places offer mocktails for those of us who don’t drink.

Moving on, when it came to ordering the menu was like a foreign language. The waiter ran through it with us and we also had the opportunity to ask questions because to be honest, there were things on there which we couldn’t pronounce.

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What we ate?

We decided to have all our starters and tapas options together. I ordered the following:

  • Pan Con Tomate
  • Tortilla Vasca
  • Patatas Bravas
  • Risotto Vasco

With the starters I decided to have the Pan Con Tomate, you receive two breads which is ideal for two people to share. For the mains I really enjoyed the Patatas Bravas, these are basically fried potatoes mixed with tomato sauce, I highly recommend them. The tortilla vasca is a runny omelette made out of caramelised onions.  I also ordered the Risotto Vasca which is combined with smoked cheese. The tapas is great because you won’t be too full or overwhelmed by any fillings.

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Once we had finished our mains, we were ready to dive into the desserts, the waiter recommended ‘Mousse De Chocolate’ This is probably one of the best looking desserts I have ever had, and the taste was great too!

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Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves. The service was lovely and the atmosphere was nice and vibrant. You can take a look at their website here.

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