Tramlines Festival 2015 review

Home to the Arctic Monkeys, and the greenest city in the UK, welcome to Sheffield. If you’ve been lucky enough to live in Sheffield, you’ll know that it was the Tramlines festival this weekend. The last time I went to it was 4 years ago (when it was free). I have to say a lot has changed, and what a way to host a music festival. I got two day tickets for my friend and I, we really wanted to see Basement Jaxx.

After collecting our wristbands we sat outside the city hall and enjoyed the most amazing crepe. It had peanut butter, Nutella and whipped cream- it’s safe to say it was cheat day! We then headed down to Devonshire Green, where we watched a band called ‘Bang Bang Romeo’.

 Next stop- our 20 minute walk to the main stage began. When we finally reached the destination we queued up, got in and walked down where Renegade Brass were playing. The thing I love about festivals are new bands, they were great live and really got the crowd going. We then had the Sugar Hill Gang perform 80s & 90s classic rap and hip-hop hits. They were great and got everyone on their feet!

I bumped into another friend who then bought a couple of his friends where before you knew it there were a bunch of us sat down enjoying the sun. With a couple of hours to go before Basement Jaxx we knew we had to fuel up, so off we went for Burritos and ice-creams. My friend ended up buying churros, I had major food envy but I think the crepe was enough for me.

 The time came when the headline act Basement Jaxx were ready to perform. I have to say they were amazing live, I love the song ‘Romeo’ and they performed it so well. Other highlights included ‘Where’s your head at’, and ‘Oh my Gosh’. It was a great day at Tramlines and I’m excited to see what’s in store for next year. Head over to my Instagram for videos @cameratic1, share your highlights too.

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