Now or never

There will come a time in our lives where we feel lost, like everyone in the world you’ll have your ups and downs. I guess it’s different for people and depending on circumstance, things may not go according to plan.

I’ve learned that it’s important to have experience and memories in life. I used to think i’ll save,save and save- but not spend on an experience. Don’t get me wrong it never went on shopping, clothes or anything like that, just saving for rainy days. The course I picked at uni meant I was very limited with where I could study, the most suitable course was in the city I grew up. I looked at other universities, even went to the open days and they were just not right for me. I look back and think did I miss out on some of the best days of my life, because although I met the most amazing people I just studied and worked. On the plus side I saved loads, so how do you make the most of now?


One thing the experience taught me was don’t dwell on the past, I did this a lot when I graduated and couldn’t get straight into a job. I regretted everything, felt really low and was completely lost. The old mentality I had was, once I have a job i’ll be fine. Why do we do this? Make our happiness depend on a job, materialism, a person? This isn’t to preach, but an outlook on the things that sometimes we could avoid. I have met some great people who have showed me it is more important to have an experience. Last year I decided to travel to Australia for the best two weeks. I was super nervous, I didn’t take a gap year, I hadn’t had many holidays so it was quite a big thing. Fast forward to 2015, and I have planned my next trip to China and Japan. I told myself I owe it to do more of what makes me happy. Even if it is spending less time with people who make you feel low, or choosing a new place to eat- do what makes you happy!

Did you ever take a risk?

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