Dream road trip

One of my dreams has always been to set-off on a road trip. The thought of hiring a car, surrounding yourself with your best friends and driving along to summer anthems!

I’m a daydreamer, i’ll be the first to admit I spent a lot of my childhood wishing I was elsewhere, mainly America. I’m not blaming Nickelodeon, but hey you saw the TV shows too right?

Sheff sunset

Fast forward to my mid twenties and I would love to go on an all round USA road trip.  California, Miami, LA the list is endless.  I then want to end up in Hawaii to witness the amazing sunset and sunrises, the TV show Lost captured me, I mean how amazing was the scenery. I have also realised I probably need to stop allowing so many shows have an impact on my travels. This post was inspired by the blogger ‘While i’m Young and Skinny’ you can check her post out here.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has any recommendations?


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