Leeds Festival 2015

It only felt like last week I was booking my ticket to Leeds Festival but it happened again. To be honest after looking at the line-up the only artists who really appealed to me were Mumford and Sons and Echosmith. If one thing it eases the pressure of having to see so many acts but embraces the beauty of discovering a new band. I love live music, some musicians sound much better live-others not so much. But it’s the whole experience of witnessing a performance that creates a memory. I’m not sure anyone can top Eminem or the Arctic Monkeys off but hey it was worth it.

Hair chalk

I decided to stay at my friends house, I was so pleased as it saved me £135 (I usually stay in hotels). Now you all know Leeds is my second home and pretty much all of my friends are based there, so I always have a great catch-up and there’s loads to do.

I didn’t sleep much the night before, damn noisy neighbours so couldn’t put much effort in my hair (I just sprayed hair chalk spray). I met up with my friends and we headed for the shuttle buses, it took about half an hour or more to get there.


We started off by walking around and looking at each stage and tent, then my favourite part of the day-food! I didn’t realise Echosmith were on so after waiting for my friend’s food, we ran over and sang a long to Cool Kids. Then it was time for BBC Radio 1 dance stage, which happens to be the best stage for me! I’ve always loved garage and dance music so you can tell we would be in there for a while. I managed to take a picture on my Nikon before the batteries died, and my spares didn’t work. I also took my Selfie Stick as well as my Polaroid (I had a back back the next day). We managed to watch Panic at the Disco and Bastille who were amazing live.


It was time for the main act, Mumford and Sons were ready to perform. They began with a few classics, and to be honest I was expecting ‘I Will Wait’ till the end, but no it was the second song. They played a lot of songs from their new album, there have been mixed reviews about it being too upbeat for them, but I loved it. They then took it back to their classic stuff.

Main stage  Sky

Mumford and Sons









I will be adding videos once they finish uploading 🙂



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  1. Ahh hair chalk spray! I didn’t know it existed, and didn’t have time to use the actual chalk on mine.
    I went for the Friday and Sunday, probably should have gone Saturday too x

  2. Trust me when I discovered it, it changed everything! It’s better than the normal hair chalk because you can actually see it on my hair. Oh wow I really wanted to see Years & Years a bit gutted about that.

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