One week to go

So this time next week fingers crossed I will be on my way to China. A trip I booked two months ago and was anxiously waiting for is only a week away. How am I feeling? Nervous,,,I managed to survive Australia for two weeks and it made me grow as a person. So what will I be doing? Earlier this year I wrote about wanting to go to Tokyo and visit The Great Wall. I thought if I wrote enough about my travel wishes then maybe just maybe i’d one day go there. Here we are today, and I can’t wait for all the blog posts after.


I mentioned in my previous post I had a few things to deal with which have left me super stressed. As much as I want to remain positive things can be really tough and all of a sudden you feel doom and gloom. I was looking at my trip and wondering did I book the correct part of The Great Wall of China? What if I don’t get to see the cool parts. I didn’t have much of a choice as it was the only one available to go to on the day i’m available. I really hope when I come back I can look at this post and laugh and think what was I moaning about.

I’m currently in bed, with my fourth coffee a box of chocolates (third box in a row) and a cold. I usually go to the gym six times a week but haven’t been for the past few days and I have to say it’s thrown me off. All of a sudden the sleepless nights are kicking in and I really hope this trip gives me the outlook I need. I will be off to two countries and five cities and hope this adventure is something I can share with you all.

Have you ever felt like this before a trip?


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