Traveller vs tourist

I wouldn’t say that I am a full on backpacker. However, my last trip made me feel like one. I’ve done the mini breaks, holidays and have come to debate the difference between a traveller and a tourist. Do you ever visit a city/county and feel like one or the other. You may have never thought about it either. It’s easy to pick a destination and then select the most tourist section and be done with the place. A few snaps here and there may cut it but is there more to travelling? Like catching their public transport, eating local food visiting hidden gems. 

When I learned how to use the subway in Shanghai and felt confident, I felt like a local- a traveller. The more I travel the more interested I am in learning about the culture, the non-tourist places and the hidden gems. It’s great to do some research beforehand but also a great way to do this is not overthink your travellers. Eat at that local coffee shop, speak to locals about any recommendations they may have. I have to thank my new friend in Shanghai who told me about 2-3 new places to go, without her I wouldn’t have seen as much. 

How do you play it when travelling?  

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