Tapas at Ambiente

Since I got back from my travels, I have been craving all sorts of food and due a few catch-ups. I was super excited to try Ambiente Tapas in Leeds. One I class that city my second home and you can never be short or somewhere new to eat. 

Tapas food is a good choice as you can go for a selection of foods. We began by choosing our drinks, a Mocktail for me of course- but they only have one option the Mojito. 

Next up, I placed my vegetarian cap on and selected three dishes.  I chose the potatoes, fried aubergines and cheese balls. One thing I have to say is the aubergines were a bit too sweet for me but I loved the potatoes in red pepper sauce. 

It’s a great place to meet up and we were there during the afternoon so it wasn’t too busy. I also liked the lay out, it’s very cool and not too cramped. 

We were so full by the end of the meal, so decided to go shopping (to walk it off of course). Then stepped into the Crepe Affair for desserts. 

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